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“This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

- William Shakespeare

“On a scale of 1–10, how much do you like yourself today?” my best friend asked me. We were on our Sunday morning walk along the harbor, and I am guessing that the storm that was roiling inside of me must have been seeping from the edges of my eyes.

When it comes to feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, it’s not likely that I will ever win an Oscar for hiding…

improving writing skills

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Music is something I feel deep within my body. It isn’t that I have some irresistible urge to break out into ‘Free Bird’ at the crack of dawn every morning or make a habit out of strumming ‘Wonder Wall’ on an acoustic guitar that materializes in my hands anytime college kids start drinking. I get absorbed by music, though. If I’m cleaning or cooking this isn’t a problem. It’s easy to throw shapes in an empty apartment while sweeping, even if that does mean I’ll end up kicking at least one pile into oblivion in the process.

Freelancing Tips 2021
Freelancing Tips 2021
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With $50 in my pocket and only one month to find work, I turned my passion into a hustle that landed me gigs worth $8000 in just thirty days.

By being true to myself and knowing my strengths and weaknesses, I had the confidence to pitch and hustle like a pro.

First thing’s first: Believe you can change

If you’re reading this post then you’re already thinking about making a change or you’ve taken the first steps.

You’ve come this far so don’t give up.

It may be rough at the beginning. You may not be living off $50 and eating pasta every day, but the switch from reliable full-time work to freelancing full time…

best vegetables for juicing
best vegetables for juicing
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Vegetables should be the key players in all your juice blends. They have little or no sugar, and they offer you what you need in nutrients that help prevent diseases, improve your energy levels, and keep you healthy even into old age.

Check Out BlendersVersus to know about the best vegetable juicers to buy for juicing in 2021

There is a wide-open field of vegetable to choose from, so the question is which the best vegetables for juicing are.

You also want to know which choices taste better when used in a combination with others, and which offer the best…

The Story of My Soccer Life

How TO Persue your passion
How TO Persue your passion
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Decades ago, it is the story of 2010, when the Football World Cup held in South Africa, a title won by the Spain National Football Team. I and My Friends have the craze to make our junior Football team appear in the Under-16 world cup from Pakistan.

We started looking at the freestyles of Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi, Sanchez, and Leon Messi a well. We used to watch the highlights of their game on youtube and have to practice them in the playground in the backyard of my home in Islamabad Pakistan.

The Craze at…

Hot Topics to get a chance for curation

How to get your story curated
How to get your story curated

Bloggers and content writers are shifting from personal blogs to medium because of the classical and user-friendly interface to work and write creative content on it. Media has a high Domain authority that has the most chances to rank your articles on google's first page.

I personally have been writing on the medium since 2018, and I have published more than 110 stories so far on medium. In 2017, I just started my personal Free blog on Blogspot which I monetized by writing affiliate content on Later on, I purchase d…

Watch out for the Prime VIdeos on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Free Trail
Amazon Prime Free Trail
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Are you hacked in the long quarantine and feeling more suffocating at your home? Do you want to watch out for the most trending and your favorite TV Series On Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has brought the most amazing offer for the students and privileged people to avail the offer and enjoy the 30 days Trail and enjoy their quarantine while watching tv series in HD Print with your family.

Get Amazon Prime Now — — — — — —

Best Budget Celery Juicers for your Kitchen

Daily drinking celery juice is the health trend of 2021. To do so, you need the best juicer for celery, information about celery juice and what it offers, and guidelines on the best way to make it.

We may think that the discovery of the remarkable health benefits of celery juice is new. Wrong! Daily drinking celery juice has become very popular, but celery was used in Chinese medicine thousands of years ago.

We’ll look at the health benefits of celery, what it contains, how to make nutritious celery juice, and help you decide whether celery juice is right for…

The Art of Writing Articles To Get Hired

Earn From Writing Articles
Earn From Writing Articles
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Many of you have been fond of writing articles and want to earn from it. Yes I, Personally have been a content writer and wished to start to earn from writing articles and get soon hired by a company to be their content writer. The Arti of writing an article has the value to start earning from it.

Today, I will discuss with you the Three Awesome Websites that I personally have experienced to start earning from them. …

The top 3 lessons I learned to avoid getting banned on Facebook

Chrismas Day
Chrismas Day
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I’m single and living alone with my cat, hence I spent last Christmas at home under lockdown. I had planned for a Social Media Christmas, however, everything went sideways when Facebook banned me.

I believed social media could save Christmas, and virtual friendship would prevail against the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, so I stayed home writing and sharing thoughts and season greetings during Christmas Eve.

— I was wrong, Facebook, unintentionally, ruined Christmas!

How the Social Media Grinch stole Christmas

Everything was going fine until it was about time to sit down and have my lonesome Christmas Eve dinner. …

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